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Why pick us?

We are been-there, done-that operators and experienced optimists. We take pride in working on the frontline of an emerging, highly-regulated industry and lean into all the inherent challenges that poses.


☆ Operational excellence.

☆  Deep regulatory expertise.

☆  Ever expanding market reach.

Where are we?

We are based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with operations in legalized cannabis medical and adult-use markets across North America.

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Chief Executive Officer

CEO and Co-Founder of [WHT LBL] and Lafayette, Colorado native, began working in the industry when Colorado first deployed its medical cannabis business licensing in 2010. Her work focused on bringing new operations to full cultivation and production capacity, managing dispensaries, and developing and marketing new products. As a sought-after expert in the industry, she shifted to consulting clients calling on her deep expertise to acquire licenses and permits, design manufacturing facilities, select equipment, acquire permits, train staff, and develop product specifications. She navigated the licensure processes in Canada, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Puerto Rico, Washington, and Washington DC. As [WHT LBL] CEO, she is currently leading the company’s extraction and manufacturing departments, on-boarding new brands, and executing to-market strategies. Chelsey was named one of Marijuana Venture Magazine's '40 under 40' in 2018 and has presented at notable industry conferences including the National Cannabis Business Association’s annual summit and the Cannabis World Congress. 

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Compliance Officer and Co-Founder of [WHT LBL] is hailed as a nationally recognized expert on cannabis regulation and policy for over 10 years. Previously working in Colorado state government, she developed specialized knowledge in creating policies and procedures for highly regulated environments.  In 2010, she served with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Marijuana Enforcement Division where she played an active role in drafting the first compilation of state-mandated industry, physician, patient, and caregiver regulations in the nation. An industry pioneer, she also served as a member of the team that advised the State of Washington on the creation of their adult-use regulations and the Commonwealth of Jamaica on their medical program. Having owned and operated four dispensaries, three cultivation facilities, and a commercial kitchen she brings intimate knowledge of every aspect of the cannabis industry. As [WHT LBL] CCO, she leads efforts across all brand clients and [WHT LBL]’s own operation to meet and exceed requirements while leading efforts for [WHT LBL]’s national expansion. She is a founding member and the former Chairperson of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO of [WHT LBL] is a serial entrepreneur, active angel investor and has a self-proclaimed obsession with building businesses. His experience ranges from recruiting founding teams, fundraising, leading M&A transactions to listing on the New York Stock Exchange. As an investor, board member, advisor, he’s been involved with dozens of leading-edge technology companies. Previously, he co-founded Phunware, an industry-leading mobile software company, where he personally raised over $100M and secured partnerships with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Earlier experience included management consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton and investment banking at Wells Fargo. He is a mentor with CanopyBoulder and is on the Board of Directors of the only venture-backed HR and payroll processing platform for the cannabis industry. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the only “big data” company in cannabis agriculture and processing. As [WHT LBL] CFO, he leads finance, legal, and human resources functions. Additionally, he's an active speaker and writer on the topics of angel capital investing and entrepreneurship.

Cultivation Director

[WHT LBL]’s cultivation director, aka Dr. Greenthumb, has a storied career in the cannabis industry. With his career starting as co-founder and operator of Boulder County Caregivers, LLC. A company, which later rebranded as Colorado Dispensary Services (CDS), and became the first dispensary in Boulder, Colorado to open its’ doors in the nascent and highly regulated industry. The start-up grew to four locations cultivating for and serving over 5,000 patients. The enterprise was nationally recognized for high quality cannabis, patient education, and industry lobbying efforts. As [WHT LBL] master grower, his focus will be cultivating the finest and most high quality grow in the nation while overseeing quality control for ingredient sourcing for [WHT LBL]’s brand clients.

Cultivation Specialist

This Cultivation Specialist grew up in the fertile farmland of the Finger Lakes Region in Upstate New York. He has a true passion for Cannabis and with time well spent over the years considers himself a fine Connoisseur and Cultivator. He is very seasoned within the grow and was previously employed as a gardener for CDS ( Colorado Dispensary Services ). He loves getting out in nature, fishing, and appreciating wildlife. He too loves spending time with his partner in crime. {WHT LBL] is proud to have a detail oriented, calmly collected, and a well learned member on our team.

General Manager

Meet [WHT LBL]’s General Manager. She has been in the management and operations business since earning her degree from Ohio State University. Managing The Boulder Theater bar, the retail dispensary for Colorado Dispensary Services (CDS), and serving as Services Coordinator for Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP), her management experience is rich and diverse. She is a people person that knows how to get things done. We are thrilled to have her managing all the ins and outs of [WHT LBL]’s growing facilities and operations.

Distribution Engineer

Our Distribution Engineer has several decades of IT, Operations and Facilities leadership experience in public, private and healthcare organizations. Quality efforts with our CRM systems, sales, wholesale, inventory and distribution systems are underway. He brings broad experiences with production environments, enterprise resource systems and deploying corporate-wide data solutions to streamline operations.   

Distribution Engineer

This Distribution Engineer retired from the Insurance Claims business about 3 years ago after serving over 30.

He has done many jobs including bartending, farming, auctioneering, and even work as a salesman.

Insurance Adjusting was the longest stretch by far,  but he truly enjoys his current "Cannabis Courier" job immensely. Working for WHT LBL is the most fun job he's had in years. It allows him to associate with young, talented people and he hopes he'll make some small contribution to the growth & success of an exciting company in an exciting industry. When he's asked about his experience in the cannabis industry he answers this way:

"I went to college in the 60's, I lived in Telluride in the 70's, I'm no stranger to cannabis"!

Material and Content Artist

Our Material and Content Artist has a vast imagination of visuals as well as genuine love for plants and people alike. She has over five years of solid industry experience that includes everything from management, marketing, inventory, consolidation, and sales on a face to face basis. She too has branched out into various retail jobs previous to working in the industry and finds wholesome customer service and informative educations to be some of her strongest skill sets. Art and design are very prominent within her life and she loves to integrate creativity within business to help expand ideas. She likes to positively promote marijuana and is always eager to learn new things and whats to come for the future of the plant worldwide.

Lead Extraction Engineer

The [WHT LBL] Lead Extraction Engineer brings direct leadership and management experience in cannabis labs. From working all levels of extraction, to the grow, to packaging, his skill set spans end-to-end from seed to distribution. With this robust knowledge base, he was called upon to train and build out operations for cannabis labs in 5 states. We’d consider him an extraction expert.

Extraction Engineer

Our [WHT LBL] Extraction Engineer is trained in all aspects of extraction refinement including winterization, centrifiguration, filtration, rotary evaporation, decarboxylization, dosage and packaging all varieties of products. Having operated extraction machines such as ETS 1300 and MEP, Precision Tek, industrial rosin press, rotary evaporators and short path distillation, we feel safe to say he’s earned his title as Extraction Engineer.

Extraction Engineer

A well-seasoned cannabis connoisseur, this Extraction Engineer knows his stuff.  At only 29 years old he has well over 10 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and extraction. In his spare time he loves to hike, snowboard, and pretty much do anything outdoors. He loves how fast this industry is growing and is very happy be apart of the wonderful team here at WHTLBL. 

Extraction Engineer

Meet another on of our [WHT LBL] Extraction Engineers, with a mind geared toward engineering and a background in music production, he combines these abilities to bring scientific precision and artistic detail to the craft of extraction refinement. Highly competent and extensively trained in extraction equipment and processes, he's proficient in the operation of Extraction Teks 1300 and the Modular Extraction Platform, as well as having a practiced grasp in the processes of winterization, centrifiguration, filtration, rotary evaporation, decarboxylization, and dosage and packaging.

Extraction Engineer

This Extraction Engineer brings 14 years of classical culinary experience with a passion for perfection and precision. His ability to seamlessly perform a wide verity of tasks under pressure aids in the overall success of those around him. Learning and honing new techniques with new technology has made him an invaluable member of the [WHT LBL] family.

Lead Manufacturing Magician

[WHT LBL]’s Lead Manufacturing Engineer is a Certified Clinical Herbalist, having graduated from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She aspires to bring her knowledge of western herbal medicine to the cannabis industry, seeing the two as complementary forms of alternative medicine with unlimited and untapped potential.

Lead Product Processing Manufacturer

[WHT LBL]'s Lead Product Processing Manufacturer is a strong advocate for all things cannabis and finds her passion in the medicinal benefits and the modern research we are only beginning to unfold. In addition to her duties at [WHT LBL], she is an active mom of an amazing 2 year old boy and enjoys exploring Colorado's beautiful outdoors.

Product Processing Manufacturer

Our Product Processing Manufacturer is a born and raised Colorado Native. After graduating he managed a restaurant for nine years, but as things turned sterile and very corporate, he decided to get into the commercial business world. Once he got his industry badge he never looked back! He is proficient in managing multiple tasks, over seeing projects, and being a fast and great help in the manufacturing kitchen. He and his husband Andre have been married for six years. They love to travel and experience what life has to offer as well as spoil their beloved pets. 

Lead Product Processing Engineer

Our Lead Product Processing Engineer has her mind focused on attention to detail and organization. She graduated with a Hospitality Management degree from Colorado State University, and has a broad background of event coordinating and hotel experience. She is an advocate of health and eager to put her expertise towards the growing  cannabis industry.

Product Processing Engineer

Our second Processing Engineer is 27 years old and a true Colorado Native. She worked as a nanny for well over 5 years and has top-notch people skills. She feels she works with some of the best people ever and couldn't be happier being an important member of the WHT LBL team. She thinks it is a neat opportunity to help package and collaborate with many current/upcoming brands and is extremely excited for the future. 

Product Processing Engineer

Our third Product Processing Engineer is a  Colorado Native with diverse job experience ranging from coffee production, sales, business finance, and even bartending. He is also well versed in cultivating cannabis, and has a solid foundation of what the industry is about. He is well traveled and works well with others, thanks to his effortless skills of communicating with people over the years. What he enjoys most about working for WHT LBL is being part of an incredibly skilled and professional operation while maintaining a fun yet productive environment.

Product Processing Engineer

Our fourth product processing engineer was born and raised here in Boulder, Colorado. After graduating from Portland State University with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, she moved back home to be closer to her family. She is highly detail oriented,  precise in thought, and works in depth to get anything and everything done!  She has a true passion for traveling and has recently gotten back from Spain. She also loves nature and her sweet dog. She is really excited to be getting her start in the cannabis industry here with WHT LBL!

Lead Fulfillment Falcon

Our Fulfillment Falcon Lead has an unmatched focus for process and detail, both are prerequisite characteristics for tracking, reporting, and compliance in the cannabis industry. Bringing management experience from the healthcare and hospitality industries, she is committed to accuracy and adheres to the philosophy that data is truth.

Fulfillment Falcon

Our second Fulfillment Falcon at [WHT LBL] handles the distribution side of the company and is becoming a logistics master. She brings to us a variety of skills from previous jobs in hospitality, management, and the roofing industry. Her favorite things in life are being outside, camping, hiking, boating, and most of all, being a mother to her beautiful son.

Co-Director Of Market Development

After studying Management & Psychology at FSU, he worked in a variety of industries with the common goal of helping his company's messages resonate in the marketplace. He got his industry start in 2015 working on the marketing team for one of the most seasoned, foundational edibles brands in Colorado. From there, he jumped into a cannabis distribution start-up on Day 1 to help build it into one of the state's highest revenue-producing businesses of its kind, all the way up and until its acquisition. He thrives on trying to understand the underlying motivations for what makes human beings tick and measures himself by the quality & quantity of happy customers.

Co-Director Of Market Development

He began his career, with a background in horticulture & chemistry from Northwest Missouri State, running flower production at one of the largest independent nurseries in the nation. After several seasons in greenhouses cannabis became legal to cultivate in Colorado, and he headed west. Armed with his traditional agricultural background, he began managing commercial cannabis facilities as a director of cultivation. Wanting to see all sides of the emerging industry he moved onto the sales side where he was instrumental in the success of one of the earliest, and most accomplished cannabis product distributors in Colorado. He has since helped secure investment, and the public acquisition of a leading CBD product manufacturer while working to further the expansion of cannabis markets as the plant continues to find acceptance more broadly.

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